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A place where people can share their hobbies
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Share Your Hobbies We all enjoy something. It's time to share.
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Regardless of craft, we are a community that welcomes everyone to share their ideas, passion, and what projects they have in mind.
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Have Fun Clean up later!
Just finished a new design! July 3, 2017
We have gotten some advise from a web developer friend, and a little free advice form marketing360 about a new web design. We noticed that we served a poor front page due to the 100% bounce rate. Hopefully I have finalized the new design!
Less words, more pictures! May 18, 2017
We got some advise from a friendly marketing guy. He was nice and gave us free advise about the website. One of the issues was that the site felt too wordy, and needed more pictures and needs to explain who/what we are in a matter of a couple seconds. We now have more amazing pictures, and made it feel less wordy.
New Site Appearance March 19, 2017
The past few days, we've been trying to make the website look better, and have more detail and use. The background is now black, the content area is now a darker blue and the text is white. For the forums, we have switched to "Simplicity (Dark Blue)", which currently looks quite a bit different from the current website. We pulled the one color from the forums style and applied it to the content area. We're going to make the forums look more like the rest of the website, don't worry.
Addition to the website: News! March 2, 2017
We are trying out a news section of our website now. The current setup is difficult to add more news, but in time, it will become easier, thus, we will be able to add more stuff.
New Website Motto March 2, 2017
We changed the website motto/description to "A place where people can share their hobbies"! We did this so it makes the website appear more friendly to the newcommers, making them know that they are supposed to be able to go on this site to post their own stuff! (Although, just looking through it is okay, if you do not like that kind of stuff.)
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