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A place where people can share their hobbies

What is Imagine Crafting About?

Imagine Crafting is a place where crafters make some art. Some people follow instructions, while some people can take a pattern or instruction and make their own version of what they imagine. If you want to talk to other people who share interest in crafting, this is the place for you! If don't want to go through all the work of crafting something yourself, you can buy some of these people's stuff! If you're a person who wants to get into crafting things, share your ideas, get ideas from other people, you can do that too!

How/when/why was Imagine Crafting started?

It all started when the founder's son offered her to make her a website. She paid for the server hosting and domain (the imaginecrafting.com part) around June 2016. Her son setup the operating system, setup the apache server, and started developing the website. He installed PHPBB3 as the website's forum, to get it started. The founder wanted to create a website, for all the crafts she did. She also wanted people to be able to talk to her, give her ideas, and give others ideas. She also wanted her sister to work with her.

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