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Imagine Crafting Privacy Policy Last modified: 1 June 2017; currently in effect
You ("user", "guest", "web user", "customer") are a person who is within our property (defined below). We ("imaginecrafting", "imaginecrafting.com", "administration", "administrators", "owners", "us") appreciate you comming onto our website ("imaginecrafting.com", imaginecrafting.com's subdomains, "Imagine Crafting", "the website", "the site"), however we have usage rules (including but not limited to this legal binding document) and features we use to operate our website and/or related services, which you agree to by using them. This beginning looks similar to our terms of use, but this is our privacy policy. This privacy policy is an extension of our terms of use, which we will try (but not legally bound to) to keep it at https://www.imaginecrafting.com/terms.php . This states that agreeing to this legal binding agreement, you also agree to the terms of use. If the terms of use cannot be found at that location, you are responsible for finding Imagine Crafting's terms of use. We do not do this to be sharks, but we say this because we may make mistakes.

This website is our property, hence you are voluntarily connecting to this website. By agreeing to this legal binding document, you are agreeing to give us the right to (but not limited to):
a. put cookies on your web browser
b. Allow us to use, keep, analyze, and/or any other method of handling the data you send, imply, or any other method of transmitting sequences of data that gets recieved by any of our property or property that we have (had) access to use for any period of time (including but not limited to virtual private servers, websites, and/or domains, rented equipment, and/or accounts). We intend to (but not legally bound to (we would prefer not to get sued for any reason)) use this data to look at what pages you liked viewing, what paths you took to navigate a website, and differentiate human beings from spam traffic
c. Store email addresses in plan text and/or waive any responsibility for security breaches that steal email address information
d. Anonymously share information to whoever or whatever, whenever, if ever we decide to do so. This includes (but not limited to): telling other organisations or people how many gmail accounts were used for registration emails, how many times per second a user gose onto our website, top countries users come from, etc..
e. waive any responsibility for any and/or every actions taken related to any security breaches, or any legitimate, unintentional mistakes (this includes but not limited to software mistakes that didn't get corrected before official releases, security configuration mistakes, unintended leakage of data, and/or flawed design).
f. If we deem needed, use services provided by Google to provide us advertising, marketing or analytics. This includes (but not limited to) services such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Adsense. With this, you understand that we (or other entities relevant to this) may send requests to save cookies on your web browser for marketing purposes. We do this (and not legally bound to) because we strive to get more traffic towards our products, and hope to do so in the least intrusive way.
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