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Imagine Crafting Terms of Use Last modified: 1 June 2017; currently in effect
You ("user", "guest", "web user", "customer") are a person who is within our property (defined below). We ("imaginecrafting", "imaginecrafting.com", "administration", "administrators", "owners", "us") appreciate you comming onto our website ("imaginecrafting.com", imaginecrafting.com's subdomains, "Imagine Crafting", "the website", "the site"), however we have usage rules (including but not limited to this legal binding document) and features we use to operate our website and/or related services, which you agree to by using them.

This website is our property, hence you are voluntarily connecting to this website. Therefore, we are not legally bound to render services, or legally bound to satisfy customers in any median of expression. This includes (but not limited to) us reserving the right to:
a. stop rendering services
b. not respond to complaints and/or requests and/or questions
c. provide any law enforcement with any or all information we have access to, with or without consent of any and/or all affected parties
d. provide any law enforcement with any or all information we have access to, with or without law enforcement legally requiring us to provide information
e. terminate and/or suspend services, accounts, and/or connections for any or no reason at any time with or without notice
f. assume that each login attempt with the correct login credentials is the intended user
g. change the terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, and/or any other policy or legal terms on this website at any time with or without notice.
h. claim no responsibility to any security breaches in our website.

By accessing this website, you are agreeing that you meet the legal requirements in your region to agree to a legal binding agreement and that you have read our terms of use, privacy policy and cookie policies. If the any of these terms or policies cannot be found at that location, you are responsible for finding them. We do not do this to be sharks, but we say this because we may make mistakes. This document states that you agree that we are not responsible for:
a. underage viewing of pornography (even though we have no intention to host pornography)
b. underage regisration of any and/or all accounts
c. any and all underage online interactions
d. verifying that you are not committing any illegal actions in your country
e. deleting accounts
You are understanding that this website is small, and we would prefer to not get into any legal matters, hardward and/or software issues, and/or security issues. Hence, you are agreeing to forgive any technical issues, hardware issues, cyber bullying, and/or poor maintinance. With that, you agree to not interact with our site with intention to (including but not limited to):
a. cause performance issues
b. make hardware fail
c. display, redistrubute, post, advertise, and/or get pornography
d. use any means of communication to describe sex, sexual actions, sexual market, link to pornography, describe another person in a sexual way, or any other means to communicate that are sexual in nature.
e. harass a person and/or group of people

If you feel this document should be amended, please contact the domain administrator. We will be more than happy to hear your thoughts on this document. We strive to partake in the most ethical business practices. However, we are not legally bound to amend this document upon any and/or all requests. We will amend this document only when deemed right by us.
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